Classic Montessori High School, part of The Josh Malihabadi Educational Society, is amongst the largest and most dynamic comprehensive schools in the Malihabad Town. The school has a unique character and ethos which draws out the best from every individual student who we have the privilege to educate.

Founded in 1999, Classic Montessori High School is strongly rooted in the local community, and combines the traditions and values of the last 17 years with the very best facilities and the latest developments in Quality First Teaching. Our size allows us to provide a very broad curriculum and an extensive range of opportunities for our students. However, we work very hard to make a large school ‘feel’ small and ensure our students have a clear sense of belonging. Consequently, we believe that students get the best of both worlds: all the diversity and opportunity a large school brings with the personalised care, guidance and support a small school offers.

A personalised approach to education is at the heart of everything we do at Classic School, and students are provided with a broad curriculum catering for all interests. Students are encouraged to take pride in their work, and develop a passion for learning and personal development which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


As a comprehensive school committed to providing opportunities for all, we set ambitious and challenging targets for all students and work together with them and their parents to meet, or exceed them. Our staff employ a range of teaching styles to challenge students, encourage independence and develop the broader skillset they will need in life.

However, a young person’s time in the classroom provides only a part of what they learn at school and we are committed to ensuring that students benefit from a huge variety of exciting, enrichment experiences. Academic rigor is combined with a strong emphasis on creativity and physical activity, both in lessons and beyond. Outstanding artwork, professional standard school productions, and captivating musical performances are hallmarks of the Classic experience, and our sports facilities put us amongst the best Town schools . A sense of adventure pervades day to day life at Classic. All of the above is supported by an inclusive House System providing tailored pastoral care, and a strong sense of belonging. Students leave Classic School as confident, well-rounded, community minded individuals: ready to face life’s many challenges.

Similarly, the staff at "Classic Montessori High School" are driven by values. Every day we ask ourselves: “would this be good enough for my child”. This is the standard we apply to all that we do and we refuse to accept anything that we would not be happy for our own children to experience.

You will see all aspects of our vibrant and dynamic school in our website. We have a small number of places for students in some year groups. If you would like to consider "Classic Montessori High School" for your own child please do contact school to arrange a visit.

A positive partnership with parents is vital in achieving our aims. Home and school must work together and we need your support and co-operation. In return, we hope you will find the school welcoming, willing to listen and respond to your questions, concerns or suggestions.

We hope you all enjoy visiting our school as much as our staff love working here and as much as our children love coming here.